Aliments e Drinkes

Kellogg's Brasil & CIA

Revamping of Production Unit
New Line for ‘Kuadri Krisps’ Production

IAMS Company

Pet Food Facility – Project for New Pet Food Production Unit

Cellulose and Paper


Osmoses Reverse System – VERACEL
Osmoses Reverse System – VERACEL – Model 3D - PDS
Ion Exchange System – Celulosa Arauco – Chile – Model 3D - PDMS

Hamon Research Cottrell do Brasil

Cooling Tower System – Veracel – Model 3D - PDS


Retail (Shop, Supermarket,etc.)

Hochtief do Brasil S/A

Consulting in Electric, Hydraulic, Air Conditioning Installations and Automation and Controlling Systems – Several Enterprises


Construções e Comércio Camargo Correa S/A

TIC for: PQU – Central Termoelétrica

Engevix Engenheria

Thermoelectric Plant “FAFEN” – Petrobras / EDP – Eletricidade de Portugal
INB – Brazilian Nuclear Industries

Cummins Brasil LTDA.

Sete Lagoas Thermoelectric Plant – 64MW – MG
  • Production Unit
  • 13,8 – 138 kV – 4 x 30 MVA Elevatory Substation
  • 2 Bay Inlet at CEMIG substation
  • Measuring System

CNEC Engenharia S/A

Termonorte II Thermoelectric Plant – Termonorte Energia LTDA
Nova Piratininga Thermoelectric Plant
San Marcos Thermoelectric Plant and Corumbá – Investment Cost Forecast
Machadinho Hydroelectric Station – Several Studies

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics


GMP - Compounding
“As-built” - GMP - Compounding

Procter & Gamble do Brasil

Transference of 4 Production Units
138 kV – 13,8 kV Substation and Internal Distribution System at Plant about 13,8 kV
Louveira Skin-Care – Fire Protection System
Louveira Skin-Care – Short Circuit and Selectivity Studies
Louveira Plant - Umbrella Contract – Electrical Installations and Instrumentation. Short Circuit and Selectivity Studies, Commissioning and Start-up
Four Industrial Plants transfering projects.
Louveira Plant – New SE-009 Subestation Project
Louveira Plant – Plant Modification and Expansion Project for Hair Care Fast Batch installation
Louveira Plant – Plant Modification and Expansion Project for new Paper Lines installation
Louveira Plant – Plant Modification and Expansion Project for new Health Care Unit installation
Louveira Plant – New Inflammable Warehouse Project

Pharmaplan do Brasil LTDA

Electrical Installation Project at Fluid Plant - BYK Química e Farmacêutica LTDA


Texas Instruments

Automation Control System for calibration equipments

Tetra Pak LTDA

Umbrella contract for civil

ETEP - Estudos Técnicos e Projetos LTDA

Electrical and Instrumentation Installations
CEBRACE- Float Glass Line


CIA. Nitro Química Brasileira.

Fluorite Rejects Pumping System

Confab Industrial S/A

Usiminas - Secondary Dust Elimination System – Investment Cost Forec

Combustol Indústria e Comércio LTDA.

Electric and Instrumentation Installations for Acesita Furnace

Construções e Comércio Camargo Correa S/A



Construções e Comércio Camargo Correa S/A


CNEC Engenharia S/A

Petrobras – Projects for Environment Administration and Operational Improvements at Transpetro Terminals

UHDE Engenharia Ltda

"As-built" and Technical Assistance - COPESUL

UTC - Engenharia S/A

Investment Cost Forecast:
  • Nitrofértil
  • T‭rikem
  • FAFEN – Nitric Acid Unit
  • Sulphur Lixiviation Recovering – Acid Solution
  • Murici Factory
  • Monte Verde Factory
  • TBG Capão Bonito
  • TABR - Terminal Barra do Riacho
  • TAIC - Terminal Ilha Comprida
  • TAIR - Terminal Ilha Redonda
  • UTE Luís Carlos Prestes
  • ECOMP Campos Elíseos
  • ECOMP Taubaté
  • ECOMP Vale do Paraíba
  • REGAP - Cogeneration
  • ETA Cabiúnas
  • ECOMP Guararema
  • CHERNE – Expansion
  • ECOMP Paulínia
  • CENPES - SE 138 kV
  • REPLAN – Hydrogen Recovering Unit
  • Lagoa Parda Plant Revitalization
  • REPLAN – Alcohol Drainage
  • OSCAN – Drainage Capacity Expansion

Confab Industrial S/A.

Petrobras - PSA – REDUC
Petrobras - PSA - REPAR
Petrobras – PLG Tank Farm Amplification in Suape - PE

Petrobras – Petróleo Brasileiro S/A


Clariant S/A

Nítrile Distillation Unit
Umbrella Contract for Service Rendering – Suzano, Resende, Duque de Caxias and Barra Funda Sites

CIA. Nitro Química Brasileira

Umbrella Contract - São Miguel Paulista Site
Substitution of DCS System at Sulphuric Acid Unit

Mazzarollo Distr. e Fabricante de Produtos Químicos

Improvement and Modifications at Trombini Sodium Chlorine Plant

Confab Industrial S/A

Nitro Química - Boiler FM106-79-ME